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The Professionals at Pathway Pest Control in all the 5 Borough of New York and Long Island Provide you with the best pest control and services around at Pathway only the safest and the most effective pest treatments are used by our highly – trained professionals .We will keep both your employees and your customer’s safe during the process .Your employees and customers will be glad to know that we use environmentally – friendly pest treatments .Call us with your pest problem now so that we can get out there today to help .

Here are the list of facilities that we service among others

Restaurant, schools, offices , supermarkets, warehouses, Bar and Grill, Bakery,  Health care facilities Pharmaceutical , retail stores, Food processing, Apartment Building, Hotels, Motels, Demolition rodent treatments and certificates etc .

Products and solutions

We have a wide range of products and services for insects control
Expertise our technicians are highly trained and experience in the business, so you can rest assured.
For your business; your satisfaction is guarantee

Contact person; Rapid response for our service representative

Common pest; cockroaches ,bed bugs , rodent control, termites control , ants control and many more

Building and Multi-Family Dwelling Pricing
  1. 3–9 Units: $65
  2. 10–20 Units: $90
  3. 20–30 Units: $175
  4. 30–50 Units: $225
  5. 100–150 Units: $325
  6. 150–200 Units: $375
Additional Products Available:
  1. Vector® Fly Control
  2. Vector Classic Fly Light
  3. Vector Plasma One
  4. Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap
Clothing Moths Pricing
  1. $450.00 per apt up to 4 visits.
  2. Flies $ 275 per apt
  3. $ 75.00 for additional unit.





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