Pest Control Services in All Five Boroughs of New York and Long Island

The professionals at Pathway Pest Control in all the five boroughs of New York and Long Island provide you with the best pest control and services around.

At Pathway, only the safest and most effective pest treatments are used by our highly trained professionals.

We will keep both your employees and your customers safe during the process. Your employees and customers will be glad to know that we use environmentally friendly pest treatments.

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Building and Multi-Family Dwelling Pricing
  1. 3–9 Units: $65
  2. 10–20 Units: $90
  3. 20–30 Units: $175
  4. 30–50 Units: $225
  5. 100–150 Units: $325
  6. 150–200 Units: $375
Additional Products Available:
  1. Vector® Fly Control
  2. Vector Classic Fly Light
  3. Vector Plasma One
  4. Vector Plasma Fly Light Trap
Clothing Moths Pricing
  1. $450.00 per apt up to 4 visits.
  2. Flies $ 275 per apt
  3. $ 75.00 for additional unit.

Here is the list of facilities that we service, among others:

Restaurants, schools, offices, supermarkets, warehouses, bar and grills, bakeries, health care facilities, pharmaceuticals, retail stores, food processing, apartment buildings, hotels, motels, demolition rodent treatments, certificates, etc.

Products and Solutions
We have a wide range of products and services for insect control.

Our technicians are highly trained and experience in the business, so you can rest assured.

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Common Pests
Cockroaches, bedbugs, rodent control, termite control, ant control, and many more.

Demolition Rodent Treatment

As you may already know, it is the law in New York that you should pre-bait the area before demolition or construction begins, and a certificate should be issued by a licensed applicator.

With Pathway Pest, you are in good hands. Our price varies depending on the size. $450.00 for installation and the price for a linear foot is extra. Pricing includes filing paperwork and procedures.

Tamper-proof bait stations are installed. Then, schematics and bait station location maps are created and sent to the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The department then sends the inspector out to approve the certificate.

To learn more about our demolition rodent treatment program, call us at (718) 565‑5332 or book online. One of our representatives will contact you to set up a convenient time for your inspection.

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Food Processing Industry

Management of Pests in Food Plans
The food-processing firm benefits from a thorough inspection. The firm:

  • Informs of actual or potential problems and how to correct them before the wholesomeness of the food being produced is compromised and before they are detected by regulatory inspection.
  • Receives constructive recommendations, enabling it to take corrective action to prevent pest problems.
  • Is able to avoid regulatory action, bad publicity, and loss of customers and revenue.
  • Is able to achieve preventive sanitation and pest management.
  • Is able to get the best return from its sanitation dollars.

Free Pest Control inspection of your facility

To learn more about pest control services for the food processing industry, call Pathway Pest Control at (718) 565‑5332 or book online. One of our representatives will contact you to set up a convenient time for your inspection.

The basic procedures for us in a food processing plan are as follows:

  • Inspection of the premises
  • Nonchemical pest management measures
  • Chemical pest management measures
  • Monitoring (evaluating) the program
A machine that is sitting in the middle of a room.

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Every food-processing facility is legally required to be serviced by a certified pest control technician.

Store Product Pests

If you are processing food, manufacturing, storing, and retailing dry food products, then your business is at risk. Store product insects will create serious damage to food like beans, rice, pasta, flour, cereal, and more.

A SINGLE RAT FOUND IN A RESTAURANT CAN BRING IT TO ITS KNEES. No business in New York wants to be caught with one of these pests on their property because word spreads quickly, especially with New York media being so involved.

Even the cleanest building, supermarket, or bakery can have problems from carpenter ants, mice, rats, flies, cockroaches, and store product pests (all types of beetles).

Pests are known not only for their ability to hide and go undetected for long periods of time, but they can also multiply quickly. Two rats soon turn into a nest of rats, which will be costly to deal with and will likely damage your reputation.

Our approach to commercial pest control means a partnership in environmental health protection. We guarantee it. To request an inspection for your business, call us at (718) 565‑5332, or book online.

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Health & Restaurant Industry

Pharmaceutical, Food and Healthcare Facilities

  • Inspect
  • Use monitors to identify insects and rodents
  • Utilize biological controls
  • Utilize plant-based materials
  • Perform habitat modifications
  • Manage landscaping needs to support the absence of pests
  • Utilize, exempt, and reduce - risk pesticides EPA regulations

Rest assured your school is in good hands, call us for your free inspection at (718) 565‑5332 or book online.

A kitchen with many different types of appliances.
A nurse is checking the blood pressure of an old man.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

There are several types of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, long-term care facilities (which include nursing homes), emergency medical care centers, and physical and mental rehabilitation facilities. These facilities can be any size, from just a few beds to more than a thousand. Each will have similar problems.

Pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents, are common because they are so well adapted to the hospital environment.

Flies, such as drain flies, humpbacked flies, vinegar or pomace flies, house flies, and other filth flies, are more commonly encountered in hospitals than in nearly any other type of pest management situation.

In part, these fly problems are so frequent because of the complex plumbing systems typically found in hospitals. This may include literally hundreds of sinks, floor drains, lavatories, and so forth.

The storage of snack foods, such as candy, nuts, cookies, potato chips, and fruits contributes to chronic pest problems in patient rooms. Consequently, they are frequently infested with German Cockroaches or other pests.

To learn more about pest control services for the healthcare industry, call us at (718) 565‑5332, or book online. One of our representatives will contact you to set up a convenient time for your inspection.

A hospital emergency room with the word " emergency " written on it.


A single bedbug, as well as other pests, can ruin your reputation. With Pathway’s hotel pest control, we have many years of experience working with hotels, which has prepared us to develop best practice standards to offer the most positive and effective pest control program.

Our hotel pest control program can be customized to suit any size hotel/motel and offers full service from prevention to elimination.

Target Pest Control for Hotels
Each part of a hotel faces different challenges. Pathway develops customized service programs that pinpoint specific areas of a hotel to keep this area pest free.

We will ensure that your business complies with international and local regulations regarding pest and health safety issues. You can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Want to check this out? Learn how your hotel could benefit from our program. Request a free inspection today, or book online.

A hotel sign with the word " hotel " written on it.
A bed bug is shown on top of the bed.


Order ……..   Hemiptera
Family …….. Cimicidae
Species………Cimex Lectularius

Life Cycle

Metamorphosis:  Gradual (egg, nymph, adult) 

Egg………… 1/25”, white and elongate.  The female lays 200 to 500 eggs in batches of 10 to 50 over a two month period.  The eggs are glued in cracks and crevices near the host.

Nymph…… Similar in appearance to adult.  One blood meal is taken by each instar before they can molt

Adult………1/6 inch long, oval and flattened from top to bottom. Well-developed legs but wings absent.  Red to dark brown in color.  Adults feed many times, with the female requiring a blood meal before she produces eggs.  Entire life cycle may be completed in 2 to 4 months.


Live in narrow cracks and crevices during the day and come out at night to feed on man.  Bed bugs possess stink glands which produce an objectionable smell.  After feeding, adults may have increased significantly in size (due to the volume of blood they have consumed) and must dispose of some of their volume before returning to their daytime harborage.  This results in black sticky marks near the host, often on bed linens.  The adults may live up to one year without a blood meal.


Carefully inspect the headboard and bed structure (paying particular attention to mattress tufts and buttons), furniture, behind peeling wallpaper, under baseboards, inside electrical sockets and switches, and behind picture frames.

 Bed Bug Control & Bed Bug Treatments in all the 5 boroughs of New York and Long Island


Pathway Pest Control is at the forefront of pest management technology with our bed bug treatments. Eliminating bed bugs with safe and effective chemical treatments for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. In addition to bed bug detection services, Pathway Pest Control provides treatments for bed bug control to many types of structures, including:



      • Private Residences
      • Apartments
      • Health Care Facilities
      • Hotels
      • Dormitories
      • Truck Trailers
      • Food Plants
      • Restaurants
      • Effectively treats entire structure and its contents
      • Immediate, dramatic reduction of bed bugs population
      • No need to evacuate areas adjacent to treated areas
      • Kills all bed bug life stages from eggs to adults
We’re confident that our bed bug detection and bed bug elimination services are the best on the market. That’s why we offer an exclusive bed bug warranty program. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or to learn more about our bed bug services. Bed bugs are no longer a dirty little secret!
A bed with pillows and blankets on it


The New York Healthy Schools Act to manage pests uses the most effective, least toxic management practices. As IPM Experts, we have trained personnel and in-house IPM Coordinators to understand and identify true IPM practitioners who:

  • Inspect
  • Use monitors to identify insects and rodents
  • Utilize biological controls
  • Utilize plant-based materials
  • Perform habitat modifications
  • Manage landscaping needs to support the absence of pests
  • Utilize, exempt, and reduce - risk pesticides EPA regulations

Rest assured your school is in good hands. Call us for your free inspection at (718) 565‑5332, or book online.

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A building with grass and trees in front of it