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The most common pest in North America if not the world is rodents (Mice or Rats). They have been responsible for, or implicated in the spread of many diseases to people and domestic animals especially in years past. Today however because of sanitation, effective drugs, and rodents and insect  control programs, disease threat from rodents is not as significant as it once was

Mouse Allergens

Research in 1999 of children in inner- city area of eight major cities demonstrated that the house mouse carries a protein within its urine that can severe cases of asthma and allergic rhinitis in susceptible people. Considering that mice typically urinate in microdroplets in many spots as they forage about inside a room covered with mouse urine inside homes or schools. As a result of this finding, the ordinary house mouse is considered much more of a health pest than in the past .

In our building, rodents damage doors, floors, ceiling, and walls as a result of their burrowing and gnawing activity. They also regularly gnaw on various utilities pipes and electrical wiring resulting in explosions, indoor flooding, fires, equipment malfunctions and power shortages. In addition to the direct economic loses (and health-associated costs ) rodents are also expensive to control.

Control Solutions for Rodents

Rodent proofing is very important, the best possible way to defend against rodents, our technicians are  well trained to identify potential entry point and tale sign for rodents by doing so, that can save a lot of  money in the future.

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