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Management of Pests in Food Plans

The food processing firm benefits from a thorough inspection. The firm:

  • Informs of actual or potential problems and how to correct them before the wholesomeness of the food being produced is compromised and before they are detected by regulatory inspection.
  • Receives constructive recommendations enabling it to take corrective action to prevent pest problems.
  • Is able to avoid regulatory action, bad publicity and loss of customers and revenue.
  • Is able to achieve preventive sanitation and pest management.
  • Is able to get the best return from its sanitation dollars


Free Pest Control inspection of your facility

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The basic procedures for us in a food processing plan are as follows:

  1. Inspection of the premises
  2. Nonchemical pest management measures
  3. Chemical pest management measures
  4. Monitoring (evaluating) the program



Grocery Store



Every food processing facility is legally required to be serviced by a certified pest control technician

Store Product Pests

If you are processing food, manufacturing, storing, and retailing of dry food products, then your business is at risk. Store product insects will create serious damage to food like beans, rice, pasta, flour, cereal and more.

A SINGLE RAT FOUND IN A RESTAURANT CAN BRING IT TO ITS KNEES. No business in New York wants to be caught with one of these pests on their property because word spreads quickly, especially with New York media being so involved.




Even the cleanest building , supermarket or bakery can have problems from carpenter antsmiceratsfliescockroaches, store product pests ( all types of beetles ). Pests known not only for their ability to hide and go undetected for long periods of time, but they can also multiply quickly. Two rats soon turn into a nest of rats, which will be costly to deal with and will likely damage your reputation.


Safe Pest Control for Grocery Stores


Our approach to commercial pest control means a partnership in environmental health protection. We guarantee it. Request an inspection for your business, call us at (718) 565- 5332 or book online.



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