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Cockroach Problem


Who doesn’t have a fear of cockroaches? Most homeowners does and they are embarrassing not to mention the range of diseases they carry. Cockroaches also carry a wide of protozoa and other microorganisms inside the bodies, some of which may occasionally be the spread of diseases to humans

Cockroaches Damage and Health Implications

Presence of cockroaches is often detected by their damage or by fecal matter, call frass, they deposit. These clues can aid in diagnosing a cockroaches problem.

Cockroaches contaminate far more food than they eat. Diseases transmitted as a result of these habits include various of food poisoning or gastroenteritis. These same habits, along with the smell imparted by any significant level of infestation, are why people are so disgusted and repulsed by the mere presence of cockroaches. Cockroaches excrement and cast skin also contain a number of allergens to which many people exhibit allergic responses, such as skin rashes, watery eyes, and sneezing. For some very allergic people and particularly for those who also have a chronic lung disease such asthma, allergic attach to cockroach allergens can be serious and even life threatening. All forms of contact with cockroaches should be kept to a minimum.

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